Our Feeding Journey

Things don't always go smoothly when you have kids. You always pray for the best, but every once in a while, a curveball is thrown. Miri was an angel baby. She slept through the night at 6 weeks and hit every single milestone in stride. Azi was/is a different story. Don't get me wrong, thank [...]

Gift Guide: For Target Lovers

Tonight I went on an impromptu trip to Target to pick up my storage bins for the playroom in the new house. I left with almost $100 worth of stuff, but I'm so excited about some of them, that it prompted me to do an additional Gift Guide: For Target Lovers. Everything I found was [...]

Gap Sale

this post contains affiliate links. Baby Gap is one of my favorite places to shop for my kids' clothing. The best part is that I hardly ever buy things full price. Currently the sale is 40% OFF EVERYTHING. CODE: DEAL. The even better part is that with Ebates you get 2% cash back. Making money [...]

Gift Guide: For Mom

this post may contain affiliate links. This guide is especially fun for me because it's all of the things I currently love for myself, and also my own personal wishlist of things I probably won't get this holiday season -- it's always fun to dream! gift guide: for mom or that special lady in your [...]


this post may contain affiliate links. In addition to my Holiday Gift Guides, I'll be updating this post with different sales I find throughout the rest of Cyber Monday. Everything posted here is part of a sale. They are all discounted from their original prices. A lot of these sales are from Target, and now [...]

Gift Guide: For the Techie

This post may contain affiliate links. Since I got married, my husband has been trying to convert me into a techie. And I must say, that it's kind of been working. All of the amazing and useful things that technology can do can really help make your life a little bit easier -- especially with [...]

Gift Guide: For Babies 0-24 Months

this post may contain affiliate links. I always used to love buying baby gifts, even before I was a mom. Since becoming a mom, I've realized that half of the gifts I gave probably got returned or thrown in a bin somewhere. We have almost everything in this guide, and most of it has been [...]

What Kind of Mom Are You?

You may hear that there are 100 different categories of moms. And that may be true. However, in my opinion, there are really only two types of moms -- 1) The Floor Mom, and 2) The Couch Mom. If we're friends, you've probably heard me reference these terms I've coined numerous times. Don't scratch your [...]

Our First Home

Our Home Series

I'm super excited to be able to share this really exciting time in our lives with all of you. As if we didn't have enough going on already with two under two, Adam in Web Development School and just all the little things that life throws at you -- we are moving! We could not [...]

My Must-Haves for Moms with Sick Kids

This post may contain affiliate links from Amazon, LLC. It's not even officially winter, and that yucky kid-cold has plagued my family twice already this season. With two under two, they are more susceptible to getting sick, whether it's at the park, mall or restaurant. And since we have two under two, we get double [...]